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    You’re On Cloud Nine with Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing can provide your company with an array of benefits. As you move forward with your business initiatives and try to increase your revenue, it’s important to stay on the cutting-edge to be competitive. With cloud computing, you’ll not only be utilizing the latest technology, but you’ll be doing so in a cost-effective way. Cloud computing streamlines everyday business processes by organizing and tracking information, and maintaining it in an easily accessible location so that all employees  have access to the same reliable, timely data whenever and wherever they need it.

    It may be helpful to have a basic understanding of the cloud computing paradigm, so that you can better understand its relevance to the enterprise world. Cloud computing is simply the online storage and processing of data, in comparison to first-generation computing, which takes place on individual PCs, servers or mainframes. In this style of computing, not only was it necessary to purchase, install and maintain this cumbersome and expensive hardware, but it was also necessary to purchase multiple copies of software, or software licenses, in order to make sure that all employees had access to the programs.

    Cloud computing has evolved from the Internet, and is familiar in such popular online services as wikis, photo storage and sharing Web sites, social media and message forums, and peer-to-peer file-sharing networks. Anyone who utilizes Gmail, Yahoo!, or Hotmail is using the cloud not only for sending E-mails and attachments, but also for storing these documents and files online. That’s cloud computing.

    On the enterprise level, cloud-based business applications can provide a wealth of services. The entire customer information database, including statistics, contact information, purchase patterns and trends, and target market information, can be stored in a shared data center and easily accessed by anyone who needs it – whether a sales rep out on a call, the manager back in the home office, or an executive in the boardroom.

    These applications can also analyze data, so that sales representatives no longer need to use software programs and their valuable time to generate reports. All they have to do is input the data, and it’s analyzed and reported automatically. This means that the entire pipeline is made much more efficient. Cloud computing updates all applications and data in real-time, so there are no more delays, and everyone is assured that they have the most reliable, up-to-date information possible.

    Marketing and upper-level management can use this information to formulate strategies, plan products and promotional campaigns, and keep an eye on their sales team’s performance. Call centers can also have access to timely and accurate information, which empowers them to better serve the customer and to serve more customers, since each call will take less time when they have the information they need at their fingertips.

    The best part about Web-based business applications? They’re as easy to use as a Web site, and each user can individually customize his or her interface to their own preferences. This means that the programs will be quickly and readily adopted across the board, and it also eliminates the training and lengthy rollouts associated with conventional software programs. Cloud computing is cost-effective, too, because it’s billed on a per-use basis, instead of requiring high upfront capital investments in hardware infrastructure.

    When you look at all the benefits that cloud computing can provide, it’s easy to see why moving your company into the cloud can increase productivity, grow revenue, encourage customer satisfaction, and lower costs – thereby improving your company’s bottom line.

    How Then Can Cloud Computing Benefit My Business?

    Cloud computing is important to your business especially when it comes to customer relationship management. There are many different descriptions for cloud computing, but contrary to popular thought, it is not something new. Cloud computing is something that’s been around for a long time. In fact, you’re probably already using it right now within your business organization.

    Cloud computing is simply a term that is used to describe services that are provided to you via the Internet. While these services can include something as simple as email, cloud computing can also include more complex tasks like accounting,forecasting and tracking. Cloud computing services are provided to you through a remote server. This means that you can just conveniently log in from any Internet location to access and utilize them. You can use them from any computer, not just your own.

    This is why the term cloud is used. The services are up in the air, accessible to everyone. Of course this doesn’t mean that the services are not secure. They are usually secured with a user name and password, and sometimes greater security measurements are taken.
    You are probably  wondering what  other cloud computing applications besides email can improve your business and customer relationship management.  Besides email, when it comes to business, Internet telecommunications have increased the professionalism of many small businesses.

    Because of cloud computing, you can now meet with your clients from all over the world in real time via video and webinars. You could put together professional presentations from your basement if you wanted to and emergency meetings are simple to organize when using the internet.

    In addition to all of the exciting functionality within cloud computing, these services are very affordable and accessible to most, if not all businesses. There are some services that offer  professional services like this for free. Internet telecommunications applications are extremely important cloud tools when it comes to customer relationship management.
    Cloud computing can also be used for additional storage. Expensive hard drives are not needed, as you will store your files in an off-site location.  This can increase your office space and hard drive space while helping you to organize data. At the same time, your data can be accessed remotely and quickly whenever necessary. This means a lot to clients. It makes them feel important when you have their information right at hand.

    There are now more and more online backup corporations that are popping up to provide companies and individuals with backup storage in case of emergencies and for convenience.
    Cloud computing has applications that can help with your accounting needs, contact lists and customer lists. Your client lists and business contact lists are the most important lists you will have in business, and anything that makes accounting easier is very helpful to resource for every user.
    Cloud computing accounting software in fact has eliminated the expense of a professional accountant from the budget of many small businesses. The software is often so complete and user-friendly,  that a professional accountant has become absolutely unnecessary.

    Cloud computing offers so many advantages to the modern business person. In the past, many of these small businesses would never exist because they wouldn’t have had the seed money to start. Cloud computing provides professional business services that can help any business grow for free or at a very low cost price point. There are also some cloud computing services that cost a bit more, so it is wise to shop around.  In many instances you can start a successful online business or brick and mortar cloud computing supported business for less than $200.

    So as you can see, cloud computing is an institution on the internet that has been around for many years. You are probably already familiar with some of the most popular elements of cloud computing, like email, and enjoy utilizing them in your personal and business life. Now that you know some of the other cloud computing applications that are available to you, you can branch out and improve your business even more.

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