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    In here, you will find a collection of exclusive technology articles, interesting I.T topics, emerging technology stories, my thoughts and those of Industry experts, researches and opinions based on my professional experience in ICT; particularly in Information technology & security, Web 2.0, Internet/Hacking, Malware/viruses, cloud computing & virtualization, System Administration and many more.

    There are loads of funny tech jokes to help you unwind and clear your mind. Also, a resource page that provides you with useful links and information that would be of great benefit to you.

    The goal of Tech Gurus - bgmoey.blogspot.com  is to help people get the most out of their beloved technology. The blog is focused more on content related to tips, tutorials, guides, information and solutions.  We would like to be of one those blogs you visit for a daily dose of technology advice, information and interesting articles.

    Moyosore created this blog to serve as an online resource for people with keen interest in I.T. & Technology. The reason why we call the Blog; An Information Hub for the Tech Savvy, and that does not rule out the novice as there are information to help them begin their journey in IT.

    So, Who is this MAN? DUDE, MYTH or GURU?


    WHAT//          FOUNDER - TECH GURUS
                          A SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR,WRITER,       



    Moyosore, a graduate of computer science is an I.T. Enthusiast. Shows an unusual grasp of knowledge and skill-set in IT, with great potential to enhance business productivity.

    Although my experience goes into different areas of ICT, my true passion lies with making new discoveries, breaking boundaries and providing I.T. Solutions.

    Its all about Putting a smile on people' s faces.


                        A Nigerian Blog by a Nigerian and for the World...............

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