It’s been a great and interesting year so far. A year filled with many happy moments, not also forgetting the sad moments. A year with several ups and downs
    We’ve witnessed several Organization and Government bodies around the globe punished and suffered under the hands of some powerful hackers. We’ve witnessed good and bad times this 2012, and so, it’s a mix of sweet & sour, combo of smooth and rough.

    But all in all, we are alive today, healthy and hearty, though, some of us might complain of the lack of funds to celebrate during this festive season; but you should know that as long as we are alive and breathing, there is hope, hope for a better tomorrow, hope for a beautiful future.

    Look back from January till date, count your blessings one by one, there are numerous reasons to be happy, excited and thankful to God.

    Christmas is about love, redemption, a raising of one’s spirit and reconciliation. It should be about love and how much of it we can all share; it should be about redeeming those values that might have been lost in the course of the year; it should be about reminding ourselves of what Jesus Christ really stands for, came to do on earth and commanded us to do, and not just some celebration whose meaning is lost on a huge majority of the celebrants.

    So today, be happy regardless of your state of mind, health or finance. Show some love, to your family; friends, neighbors, strangers and every living creature around you. Let them know how much you appreciate them.

    Smoke less, drink little (alcohol), act reasonably, drive safe, eat more, laugh and dance a lot, with plenty of hugs and kisses. Merry it up!

    Happy Christmas to everyone, and a prosperous 2013 in advance.

    Wishing you all a smooth sailing into the New Year.