• Warning: Android Malware 'Priyanka' virus on WhatsApp

    An Android malware is spreading around WhatsApp messenger called 'Priyanka'. It changes all your group names to Priyanka, and may also change your contact names to Priyanka.
    Android enthusiast site TheAndroidSoul.com said the malware replaced all the group names on an infected device's WhatsApp to “Priyanka.”
    Apparently, the malware doesn't actually harm Android devices. but it is very annoying and it spreads manually, relying on victims to accept and install a contact file from a friend, named "Priyanka". Just in this week, this virus started infecting WhatsApp users.
    Users of mobile messaging app WhatsApp were warned against this new malware threatening to spread and change all the names on the user's contact list to "Priyanka."

    Android malware 'Priyanka' spreading rapidly through WhatsApp messenger
    "Thankfully this virus doesn’t gets installed on your phone by itself. So in case you receive a contact file named 'Priyanka' from anyone on WhatsApp or by any other way, make sure that you do NOT add/save it to your contacts. It can’t do any harm without getting added to your contacts database so just DON’T save it," it said.
    For those who may have saved "Priyanka" to their contacts, they should turn off all Internet connectivity including WiFi, Mobile data and Bluetooth tether.
    The user should then delete the malware from the contacts, then clear his or her WhatsApp database.
    "NOTE that clearing your WhatsApp database would bring it to a freshly installed state. You’ll be required to do all the WhatsApp setup again. And thankfully, WhatsApp does take auto backups of all your conversations so they’ll be restored automatically once you’re through the setup," it said.

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